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Blank or empty Htaccess file, without any FTP-actions

Blank or empty Htaccess file, without any FTP-actions


This morning I got a call from a friend about his Magento webshop. I've build the webshop a while a ago, and all of the sudden his 'pages' were not working anymore, only the homepage still worked. I quickly discovered that links, with no rewriting, were working and pages with rewriting wern't.

So I checked the back-end configuration and everything seemed ok. So then I opened up the FTP and downloaded the .htaccess file, and my findings suprised me. The whole file was empty. I stored the old one (where I had the rewrite rules in) and it seemed to work again.

Now what I find hard to believe is that the 'htaccess' got cleared by itself. So I opened up on the server logs and tried to search for changes regarding the .htaccess file. It seemed there were no changes made based on FTP-actions.

Is it possible that Magento changes the content of the .htaccess file? The chmod settings are 644. Or is there any other way that this file can be changed, without FTP-access?

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