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Block whitelisting not working


Block whitelisting not working

Hello there,


For some reason out of the blue, Magento is now throwing an error (in the log) that some particular blocks are not whitelisted (despite being whitelisted).


Security problem: catalog/navigation has not been whitelisted
Security problem: core/template has not been whitelisted

I went as a far as deleting those blocks and re-adding them (Magento  Admin > System > Permissions > Blocks) but Magento keeps throwing that error.


Can anyone assist?


Fyi we are using FPC & Memcached & I disabled the cache completely but Magento is still throwing this error.


Many thanks in advanced


Re: Block whitelisting not working

Hello all,


It looks like our Memcached instance was doing something strange. We had to restart memcached (flushing did not work).