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BlueFoot CMS


BlueFoot CMS

Is anyone else using this?


We have it running M1 version but I've run into trouble with a few things and their / magento support don't reply.


I'm really struggling to make our slider responsive has anyone managed to do this?


Re: BlueFoot CMS

Hi @babak_sanayei,

What is the technical challenge you are facing to make the slider responsive?

Best regards.


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Re: BlueFoot CMS

Well i'm not a coder and the example in the documentation is so vague i tried to follow it but i had no luck..


If you look at our brand slider it looks terrible on mobile ..


An implemented example in the documentation would make it easier to follow.

Re: BlueFoot CMS

Also another issue i have is the save template feature only works 50% of the time.

Re: BlueFoot CMS

Hi Babak,


Thanks for your patience here. We're still working on bringing the Bluefoot documentation up to the level of detail that we have for other Magento modules. You may not be a coder, but you sure have correctly identified an area where our user interface is a little bit vague even for developers. We do plan to improve documentation for the Slider Responsive Settings, but also we're going to improve the user experience there, so you can pick breakpoints with a more visual UI.


As it stands, that Slider Responsive Settings area is really a developer-only field where you're expected to paste JavaScript object code that Bluefoot passes through to the Slick slider plugin. Here's an example of something that you might put there, taken from the Slick documentation. I added a few more comments to make it clearer.


// When making a page responsive, you have a list of
// viewport sizes at which things are supposed to change.
// This is an array of JavaScript objects representing that list.
[ {
// When the screen is narrower than 1024 pixels... breakpoint: 1024, settings: {
// show only 3 slides slidesToShow: 3,
// scroll 3 at a time slidesToScroll: 3,
// wrap them around so they feel "infinite" infinite: true,
// show dots indicating your progress dots: true } }, {
// When the screen is narrower than 600 pixels... breakpoint: 600, settings: {
// show only 2 slides slidesToShow: 2 } }, // When the screen is narrower than 480 pixels...
breakpoint: 480,
// disable the slider entirely!
settings: "unslick"
} ]

Try pasting that code into the settings field and seeing what happens.


As for the intermittent template save issue, that's also a known issue to the Bluefoot developers. I'm afraid I don't have a timetable for you, but I can suggest that you try saving the template more than once, and/or try it in different browsers.


Thanks again




Re: BlueFoot CMS



Thank you i will give it a go and let you know!

Re: BlueFoot CMS

I've got some more questions if you don't mind answering Smiley Happy


1. On our homepage we have a graphic above our brands slider, i had to make that element with 2 images side by side as i found it near impossible to create 2 blocks side by side that would work well in a responsive fashion and have that look is there a better way to do this?

2. How can you access the CSS properties for Bluefoot elements? We are cleaning up our CSS code and trying to make all our tags consistent but it seems that some of the styling gets overruled?