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Bug: XML-RPC API cannot return arrays


Bug: XML-RPC API cannot return arrays

I found a bug in magento I am not sure how to report it properly, since the "Report issue" I found was down for maintenance.

I will post it on these forums in hope that it will reach the right person.



I make an API request using XML-RPC to (

In the response, I expect to get back arrays for the items and tracks fields.

Instead, I get back the string "Array".

Complete response:


Code problem

I traced the issue to the Mage_Api_Model_Server_Handler_Abstract class and the processingRow function.

It does not handle arrays of arrays, so in this case inner arrays always get converted to the string "Array".



I made processingRow handle arrays by making it recursive. I submitted a PR to the magento-mirror github repo with a proposed fix for those who are interested:



Re: Bug: XML-RPC API cannot return arrays