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Bugs in Database

Bugs in Database


The worry comes from a Magento element that creates a query that bug

One of the requests was to this form (the number in bold is the execution time in seconds):

DELETE FROM `mg_catalogsearch_fulltext` WHERE (store_id=2) AND (product_id IN ('5312')) Supprimer   159184  cdscsn4 localhost:60946 cdscsn4 Query   3245    Sending


There are also very many requests of this type:

 INSERT INTO `mg_catalogsearch_result` SELECT 1551 AS `query_id`, `s`.`product_id`, 0 AS `relevance`

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Re: Bugs in Database

Developer says Magento has issue with mg_catalogsearch_query which is causing all sites to timeout when searching and just not run correctly....happening on all sites - why is Magento released containing these bugs it's just bad for business :

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