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Button upload not appear

Button upload not appear

My site has face with the problem is the upload button not appear

I tried chown media forder and chmod it to 777 but upload button still disappear

I also try  edit php max memory to 256MB, delete cache

Recently, I installed SSL and Redis, I don't know this can affect disappear upload button

Please help me?

Thank you so much!

This is screenshot


Re: Button upload not appear

Do you have flash player installed on your machine?

Also check if you are ignoring any folder /file named as media using git ignor then you might be missing some of the admin related media.phtml files.

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Re: Button upload not appear

I am using google chrome, I installed flash, I also try mutilpe browser but the preoblem still exist.

Re: Button upload not appear

I have the same problem on 4 different installs of magento 1.9.2. ONLY in Chrome.  In IE I have no problem, but in chrome the buttons do not appear anymore. I know that adobe flash player makes the buttons show up, but that is only when the outline of the buttons appears.


I find it strange that it happens in all 4 installs of magento, I am wondering if it has to do with a program I tried to install in those versions.  It was 1 page checkout program I tried to install, but it did not work with my magentos so I uninstalled it.   I had conflicts with installs previously listed in magento connect.


Thank you,