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CPU spikes on bundle product item editing with Bundled Mojo extension

CPU spikes on bundle product item editing with Bundled Mojo extension

Please help me as I have serious problem that the site will be down due to the high CPU usage at bundle product area with extension Bundled Mojo extension. The CPU spikes and I receive 503 Temporary Server Error. I contacted developer several times, but he never replies! So I'm here to receive help from you all.
I worked on below tasks hoping to resolve the issue, but to no avail:
-Optimize database,
-Installed Full Page Cache extension
-Enabled Super Cacher on Siteground
-Installed Magento version
-UpgradedPHP 5.6
-Increase memory limit to 5000M in PHP config
-Upgraded to MySQL 5.6
but still having over 140 CPUs when loading bundle item. Please refer to the attached screenshots

Screenshot 2017-01-05 15.38.25.png
The item associated with this problem is ones that has many bundle items. When I click on Bundle item from side menu, the loader initiates. Longer the loading time the higher the CPU usage. 

To recreate issue:

1. Catalog > Manage products > click on bundle product

2. Click Bundle items from side menu.

3. While it is loading, please simultaneously monitor the CPU usage. The CPU will spike tremendously.

Screenshot 2017-01-05 16.25.03.png

In live site there is a product with 65 items and goes up to 150 CPUs and make the whole server down.

I have monitored the most resource consuming processes and once I clicked on Bundle Items there were are lot of PHP processes spawned which consume a lot of CPU resources. This seems to be related to the way the application code logic.

Is there any way or extension that will reduce and optimize such problem? 



Re: CPU spikes on bundle product item editing with Bundled Mojo extension

I just searched for the same problem and found your post at the top. We are also having the same issue. I watched the mysql processes and there is a query that puts data in a temp table for the bundles and that is what is hanging up the system. I haven't dug in further, hence the searching, but it seems like this is a new issue or at least is now an issue that wasn't there before we started using bundles. The table was definitely related to bundles, one of the catalog_product tables, likely something like catalog_product_index_price_bundle_tmp or so. Would like to know if there is some index issue or other fix to keep this from happening. I have to keep restarting mysql to clear up the locked query so we can work on the system. I have not seen this before in many installs but this is one of the first times bundles have been used heavily. And by that I mean a few hundred total inventory items and maybe 70 bundles.