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Cache problem with backend on separate node

Cache problem with backend on separate node

Hello everybody,


Since yesterday, i am stuck with an images problem so I need your help. Below is my problem.


Yesterday, I try to clear the all the cache and when I check my website, the product images does not appears on all of my sites.

For information, I use a beckend and a frontend on a separate server.


I deleted the repository /www/media/catalog/product/cache on the backend and the frontend and I don't understand why Magento create a new cache folder with some images on the back, and some images on the frontend...

In fact, it seems the .fr pictures cache is ok on my backend, but the cache for .cz pictures is stored on the frontend, why?


Exemple :

The location of the image have to be :

This url is the URL of my backend but and don't now why, this image exists only on the frontend server. (I don't know why).


And on my website for france :

The location of the picture is

And it is ok because this image exists on my backend.


I don't understand why all my pictures cached are not created on my backend.

Can you help me please?


Thanks in advance for your support !


Re: Cache problem with backend on separate node

Please, nobody can help me?


I don't understand why my domain .fr is ok and not .cz ! Smiley Sad


I have a frontend and backend on separate nodes.

It seems the products image are upload to my frontend instead of the backend, do you know why?


Temporarily, I do hourly (via crontab) a copy of the catalog/product/cache of the frontend to the backend catalog/product/cache but it is not a good solution. Smiley Sad