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Caching Issues With Magento CE ver.

Caching Issues With Magento CE ver.



I modified CVS file, add only Braintree text to this three file.

app/locale/it_IT/Mage_Adminhtml.csv:239:"Credit Card %s","Carta di credito - Braintree %s"
app/locale/it_IT/Mage_XmlConnect.csv:195:"Credit Card","Carta di credito - Braintree"
app/locale/it_IT/Mage_XmlConnect.csv:196:"Credit Card %s","Carta di credito - Braintree %s"


And in cache see the old state


I disable all cache in magento delete manual all in cache folder, presed flush magento .... activate all cache and still nothing. 


Can someone help me?

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