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Can I use the API to set a qty for a particular warehouse?

Can I use the API to set a qty for a particular warehouse?

Hi folks,

I'm utilising the Magento 1.x API in some automation suites in order to update the catalog inventory for particular products.


I'm struggling because there doesn't seem to be a way to account for the possibility of multiple warehouses, and utilising the cataloginventory_stock_item.update call will update the stock, but ONLY for the default warehouse.


Because our store is configured to use multiple store views, with a seperate warehouse for each, another option I've tried is specifying the store view with the catalog_product.update call, and including a catalogInventoryStockItemUpdateEntity array. However this returns a True but with no qty changes made. If I use this call to change the price, it is immediately applied.


I'm using the calls as specified here:


Surely this can be done - I imagine warehousing plugins must need to update inventory in this manner all the time?


Can anyone suggest a possible workaround?


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