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Can only add a configurable product once?

Can only add a configurable product once?

Hi Folks,


I have recently created this site: and things have been going well. However a customer has pointed out that you can only add a configurable product to the cart once, at which point the options are no longer available.

If the product has multiple drop downs then any which have had an option used in the product when it was added will then be empty when you return to the page.

I cannot fathom what is causing this to happen? I have tried re-indexing the site, and clearing the cache. All configurable products do not have their stock managed so it isn't a stock status issue especially as it lets you add it the first time...

I have done some further investigation - I went to a product which wasn't already added to the cart and used the developer tools in Chrome to copy the markup for the options drop down. I then added the product and replace the now empty option drop-down with the mark-up of populated options. The product when added is successful so it is definitely an issue with getting the options after it has been added to the cart - and not an actual logic problem with the stock status? Otherwise surely it wouldn't let me add it?

Really very odd - any suggestions on what to try to fix it would be great!




Re: Can only add a configurable product once?

You can add a configurable product only once when the product you added had inventory level 1. Configurable product itself doesn't have inventory level, however simple product inside it have.

Tanel Raja

Re: Can only add a configurable product once?

It turned out to be a 3rd party script I had added in an attempt to get the reordering of the product options in the select boxes for attributes. It was doing something very odd - I deleted the custom code and it resolved the problem.