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Can't connect to API with https://

Can't connect to API with https://


I have a big problem with my program connecting to API. This program synch all Magento data (prices, qty, orders) with my billing program. Few days ago I have installed SSL on my Magento, everything works great, shop is secure and SSL works like a charm.


I'm facing problem with connecting to API using https:// as in external plugin i cant change link to connect with API (can't edit plugin- must stay


When unsecure base URL in Magento shop is set to http:// everything works great, when i set to https:// i cant connect to API. Also i must remove redirects from my .htaccess file.


Please help as I'm facing this problem for a couple of days already and can't sleep.


How to force api to connect with http://


Any help is great!


Re: Can't connect to API with https://

I can't solve this problem. In this case I'm forced to use another program to connect with Api.