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Can't create USPS Shipping Label

Can't create USPS Shipping Label

I have an issue when I try to create USPS Shipping Label on Magento
After click on 'Create Shipping Label' button and have filled 'Create Packages' form in popup I get the error message: "API Authorization failure. User <User ID> is not authorized to use API SignatureConfirmationV3.'
In the beginning, I thought that the USPS user does not have special permissions for sending SignatureConfirmationV3 requests. But USPS support said that all permissions for my user is OK and attach the link to letter

In the last answer USPS support sent to us next information about update on some of the Web Tools APIs.
The answer was next: "To reiterate, the ability to create and print shipping labels that do not have postage applied will be eliminated. This will be impactful if you integrate directly with the APIs or if your shopping cart software or USPS shipping module utilizes the APIs. In summary, the following APIs will no longer be available effective February 23, 2018:

- DeliveryConfirmationV2, V3, V4
- SignatureConfirmationV3, V4
- ExpressMailLabel
- HoldForPickupExpress
- HoldForPickupFirstClass
- HoldForPickupPriority
- OpenDistributePriorityV2
- ExpressMailIntl
- FirstClassMailIntl
- PriorityMailIntl
- GXGGetLabel
- CustomsCN22v2
- CustomsCP72v3

As I understand I will not be able to print Shipping Labels from admin panel anymore? Am I correct?


Can you please help me to solve the issue because I don't understand what should I do?
What do I need to do to make everything work?
Maybe someone else have encountered such an issue? Or maybe you have some patches?

Thank you in advance for your help.