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Can't download extensions

Can't download extensions

When in MagentoConnect Manager I paste the Extension key (for example and then hit "Install" I receive this error:

"community/SMTP_Magento: Cannot connect to host:".


On "Settings" page I have:

Ftp                 Beta                    Alpha                

Magento Connect Channel Protocol:                   Ftp                  
Preferred State:                   Stable                  

Permission to create new files and folders.


Use custom permissions:                   Yes                  


Deployment Type:Local Filesystem
 FTP Connection


What is wrong or how can I manage this situation?

I can not install any extension.

I am on CE 1.6.1


Re: Can't download extensions

It may be that your Magento Connect is not fully compatible with the current, since 1.6.x is pretty old version. You can do it other, unofficial way.


1. Go to the

2. Paste there your link: and click on Submit

3. Download package

4. Go to your Magento Connect, and in section Direct package file upload, upload downloaded package and click on button Upload.


And if that doesn't work too, you can manually install the extension by extracting it into your Magento directory. In the most cases it would work, but sometimes it happens that files in extensions are not mapped 1:1 with directories where they should be. In that case, you'll need some developer's experience, but that's it.



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