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Can't get a product page to update

Can't get a product page to update


We have a product on our site that has 2300 attributes / sizes that are custom made to order. When we want to update or add something to this item we can't get the changes to update. It shows that its saved the changes but when you go back into the item it reverts back to the way it was before we attempted a change. Hope this makes sense. 


Please help this is very frustrating.


Re: Can't get a product page to update



I'll recomend you to debug saving process. I have 2 ideas what can cause it:

1. Transaction rollbacked by some reason by mysql and magento don't know about it. 

2. One of third party extension change product saving and you don't see error of saving. 


Take a look in magento logs(system and exception ) and let me know if you see anything there. To help you more access to the magento/server required(write me PM if you can provide it).  


Kind Regards,
Art Malkovich - Onilab