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Can't make new order in backend

Can't make new order in backend



I've got a problem with my magento 1.9.1 website. Since a week I can't make an new order 


in the backend of my site. When clicking the button, I get a screen to select a customer. But when I select a customer, magento loads for a while and then does nothing and stays on the same page.


When I'm trying to make a new order via another route 'manage customers -> select a client from the list -> and click the button 'make new order' a new page loads. But the field where you can select a product does not. When inspecting the html code, I can see the field is there but not showing because it's given css style"display:none;".



Till a week ago everything worked like a charm. There has not been an update on magento and so far I know there are no changes on the server.


Can anybody help me with this problem? Or does anybody know where I can get rid of the display none coding.






Re: Can't make new order in backend

Hi @Smedia2014,


Did you found some error on your browser console?

Can you activate your Magento's logs?


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Re: Can't make new order in backend

Hi Damian,


My browser console throws no errors at all.

Yes, I can activate my system log.

I checked the error log file, but there is no error referring to an error in the backend.

Re: Can't make new order in backend

Anybody got a clue?