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Cannot edit or make new coupon

Cannot edit or make new coupon



I am not able any more to create new coupons or edit excisting ones in my Magento (1.9).


Those that I created earlier still work when you aply them to the shopping cart as a customer. But when I try to edit them or create a new one I cannot save them.


It gives me the error message (in dutch..): "Er is een fout opgetreden tijdens het opslaan van de regeldata. Herzie a.u.b. het log en probeer opnieuw."


Translation: "There has been an error during the saving process of the dataline. Please edit and try again"


I have tried to clear cache, log out and back in again with out results. Google search sessions did not give any answers. I was just preparing for a new summer discount coupon, so it would be great to hear some ideas.


Thanks in advance,


Jan Marten Cuperus


Re: Cannot edit or make new coupon

Have you installed any extensions related to coupons recently?

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Re: Cannot edit or make new coupon

You are seeing that error because of an exception, do you have access to var/log/exception.log? If so you could check what is causing the error there. | Magento Small Business Partner