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Cannot log in

Cannot log in

After a clean install with version 1.9, I found I am unable to log in, either as a customer or the admin with no error message (entering an incorrect password shows an error) Googling suggets this is a cookie/session issue.


Trying to vote in the poll takes me to the enable cookies page so it looks as though the cookie is not being set properly.


Magento is installed on my local machine, using a virtualhost (magento.local), since I read that using localhost caused issues.


I noticed if I do use localhost as my domain but change the url to in my browser and click log in, after being taken back to the login screen if I once again changed the url to I'm logged in, but Magento redirects me to localhost which logs me out again.


Changing the base url to does not fix the issue. Also does not work when set as localhost or magento.local.


I've Google'd for a solution wich suggests commenting out some lines in Varient.php but this does not fix my issue. Also tried leaving the cookie domain blank or entering my domain directly but nothing works.


Tested multiple browsers and get the same problem.


I did notice that if I change currency using the dropdown, it creates a cookie and then I can vote in the poll. Voting first will fail, however.


Any ideas?


Re: Cannot log in

My guess is that you don't have correct permissions for var folder and all its subfolders - it should be 777.


Or maybe you don't have correct permissions for the root folder - then neither /var, no /media folders will be created, and /var is where cache and sessions are stored (as well as other temporary files).



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Re: Cannot log in

Permissions are set to 777, the /var and /media folders exist, I have verified the cache files are being saved in /var/cache and the sessions are being saved in /var/session.


I have noticed a new session file is created on each page load, is that correct?


Update: Discovered what was causing the issue. session.use_cookies in PHP was set to 0. Changing this to 1 fixed my problem.

Re: Cannot log in

Try deleting the var folder and login in Chrome incognito mode. It's not going to fix the problem but might give more information on what is going on.

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Re: Cannot log in

I edited my last post but my issue was caused by a setting in PHP. I needed session.use_cookies to be set to 0 for another project, setting this back to 1 fixed an issue.


Thanks for the help though, it was much appreciated.