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Cant upload images


Cant upload images

Sorry  for  the likely  newbie  question-  Im trying  to help  a  fellow web designer who's out  of  town by  changing out  a  couple of images  for  her  client.


When i click  the insert/edit image  button  when i'm editing  a  block  I  get a pop up  that shows a  couple of images  but  doesnt  have  any way  for  me  to upload  a  new one.  I  notice  the  version is  pretty old if it matters 1.911.  Is there something else i should be  doing  or  a place  to  go to upload  new images

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Re: Cant upload images

Hello steve_brettler,

The experts in Magento was once a beginner.Smiley Wink


Moving to question, you need to enable the flash player from your Top navigation bar and simply refresh the Magento admin panel to get image upload option.


See the screenshot you will get a better idea to enable flash player :

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Re: Cant upload images

thanks,  that  was  it  exactly appreciate  the  help