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Card Payments intermitant fault?

Card Payments intermitant fault?

New Magento site live 17th March.

To Be Exact:

most card payments go through all is fine BUT

We too frequently see a card payment marked as pending in admin.....and we now know no money has been taken.

The customer has been through the checkout and seen the success order pages and received a confirmation email for the order but no money has been taken.

We have been intouch with our card merchants who have investigated and say the customer had not even reached the payment pages their end and so it must be a Magento problem.

The majority of card payments are fine, we are having to ring the 'Pendin' card payment customers who think all is ok. They say that nothing went wrong with the checkout process as they went through.

There does not seem to be anything in common with their cards and we have actually used the same card they have used to take payment over the phone and using our card machine.


Where do I go from here?