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Cart function for 3rd party application

Cart function for 3rd party application

Hopefully someone can help me with the following issue.


We used on a magento v.1.9.2 an 3rd party application.(ARI partstream)

http://www heborshop. nl/parts_catalog


When you click on a sample product and click 'add to cart' the button has to send the information in your shopping cart.


The application passes the selected part parameters via a standard HTTP GET or POST to the shopping cart URL.

For more detailed information (http:// arinet. com/PartStream/cartSetup.pdf)


Now i need the URL to put items from the 3rd party application in the shopping cart.

What i can see is that our store uses AJAX for putting the items in the cart. How can i provide ARI the right URL that the shop work?



I've seen another webshop with the same plugin and it looks to me Magento and they got it working. But ARI says they put the items with the POST method in the cart.


Someone here have experience with this matter?


I had contact with ARI but we couldnt figure it out yet.



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