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Cart not working for and check orders.

Cart not working for and check orders.

New Template, upgraded to, went live yesterday, cart not processing or showing errors on credit card or check orders.  


We went live with site yesterday, Paypal works in cart but not card purchases through  Set up admin same way as I always have before.  Correct API etc.   I have reached out to template folks, server folks, made sure that all security patches were installed, plus the shop lifter one that was released in Feb of this year.


Also all shipping options by USPS not in cart either.  We offer free shipping for products over 20, and charge a fee for shipping when cost of item is less than 20.  Those options are not there when trying the cart out.  The free shipping is not there when the product cost is under 20, but either is the 4.95 shipping option for this product either.  The only shipping option that is there is the priority shipping, option.  Then in red states other shipping options are not available.  Can anyone help? 


Re: Cart not working for and check orders.

Does anyone know what to do with this problem?  Please I need help!