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Catalog URL Rewrites

Catalog URL Rewrites

Hi everyone, 


I'm hoping you can help! I'm no developer by the way but will forward your responses on. 


We're currently running Magento and have approx 23k products (SKU's) which are made up of configurable products. Last week we created a sitemap which was exported via Magento Admin and submitted to Google. The sitemap looked incorrect with old test products that are no longer on the site. We submitted it to Google which has only managed to crawl 4 out of the 57 pages.


My developer asked me to run the 'catalog URL rewrites' to sort this issue out and then to re-export the sitemap again. I started the catalog url rewrite a couple of days ago and the status is still say 'processing'. Is it common that this should take numerous days to work dependant on the large amount of products? Although it's still 'processing' is there a way to figure out if anything is being done or whether this process has errored or stuck for some reason?


Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated as we have a site that isn't being indexed by search engines correctly and I'm not sure whether I can re-export the sitemap yet.


Thanks in advance. 



Re: Catalog URL Rewrites

It is possible that the reindexing process is still running due to the high number of rewrites but chances are it has been stuck somewhere due to a variety of reasons. 


If you have access to SSH, try running the following command from your Magento installation directory:-

php /shell/indexer.php --reindex catalog_url

Give it some time to run and see if it works or error out and if so, what error message. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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