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Catalog price rules problem

Catalog price rules problem

I have Magento 1.9

I created a rule for discount 3 of my categories.

Immediately the rules works perfect, I see that everywhere sould be. But after a few time (I tried, but I didn't understand how much time or in consequence of what) the rules doesn't works good:

The rule work correctly on the catalog and category page (I see the discount), but when I go on the product's single page the discount dosn't work anymore.

The same thing when i go to the cart page or in checkout.

Pratically my discunt never work.

I tried to use the default theme, i tried to disable the plugin one by one but the problem persist.

This si an example:


enter image description here


enter image description here


enter image description here


Re: Catalog price rules problem

Hi @matteous1,


Are you using some cache techonology? (Redis, Varnish or another one).


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