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Categories CSV Format

Categories CSV Format

Hi guys


I was just wondering what the correct format for categories and subcategories in for CSV files for import.


For example


2 --> Root


     3 --> Subroot

          10 --.> Subcategory

          11 --.> Subcategory

          12 --.> Subcategory


     4 --> Subroot

          20 --.> Subcategory

          21 --.> Subcategory

          22 --.> Subcategory


I want to add a category into 2, 3, 10, 4 and 20


Do I write it as such 2,3,10,4,20 or with the subroots stuch alongside like this 2,3,4,10,20. Or does it matter at all?


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Re: Categories CSV Format



Long ago i encountered same problem to you.

As far as i remember, sub-cat will be separated by slash "/" so it will be 3/10, 4/20.


Give it a try.


Best Regards,