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Category Tree not responding

Category Tree not responding


When viewing Category Tree - there is no change if I click on a category, or try to expand a cat with sub cats.

The ajax loading just loads, but nothing changes.


Also in edit product, when I go to category section to add product to cat, nothing shows in cat tree, just the default cat.

Last change made on the site was roll back to backup as some pages were deleted by someone accidentaly.

Only noticed issue after this...


Searched high and low for solutions but not found anything so far that helps!


If I inspect page using Chrome and reload any of these pages, I get the following errors show


Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Unavailable)


Hosting company (webfusion) say its not a server issue

Anyone got any good suggestions (other than clear cache!)



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Re: Category Tree not responding

Still not been able to find any solution to this issue. At the mo, not able to make ANY changes to categories, or add new products as not able to add them to categories...


Completely broken.