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Changes to VAT Settings

Changes to VAT Settings

I have noticed that the Magento site I look after has random problems and wondered if anybody knew what could be causing them Today's issue was that the site had always displayed the total price with the amount of VAT charged shown in brackets at the side. Today the site was only displaying the total amount despite no changes having been made. I went into the admin panel and noticed that all the settings related to TAX when they had formerly been shown as VAT. As a UK based company it makes sense for the system to recognise VAT and the menus definitely referred to VAT and not tax last time I checked the admin panel so I'm not sure what is triggering these changes. 


I didn't build the site and the original developer isn't available for support. Can anybody explain why the system seems to have changed. There have been a number of minor things that seem to have changed within the site for no obvious reason recently there had been a change in the VAT being charged for shipping and there have issues with the VAT being charged on items with custom options. We have also experienced issues with the system not issuing emails when orders have been placed. 


Thanks in advance




Re: Changes to VAT Settings

Hi @worthyontheweb,


Has you site be upgrated/update with the latest security pacthes or any others changes (maybe) by your hosting company, that could result in these changes ?

What is the URL of the store, and what modules have been installed.

There more detailed informations you give, then "easier" it will be to help you.


-- Best regards --
Kent Christiansen / @KentChrDK / Magento Certified Solution Specialist / Visit my site (DK)

Re: Changes to VAT Settings



The site has had some security patches applied recently as there were several critical ones outstanding. Is it likely that applying those patches will have changed certain parts of the site? Today we have identified that the price shown including taxes is correct but that the price shown excluding TAX is incorrect so it's clearly trying to charge tax at an incorrect rate. 


The url of the site is 


I haven't had any dealings with modules so far. I have googled how to get to them via Magento connect but none of the things listed mentioned VAT 

Re: Changes to VAT Settings - slight update

The system has been applying an incorrect rate of tax despite all the settings being set at a rate of 20%. I've gone into the system and added VAT standard rate as a tax class, set up the product tax classes, set up tax zones and rates, managed the tax rules and then applied that tax class to the most popular products.


At this stage I can only assume that the most recent problem has been caused by the security patch application but there have been a few other random things happening over time. 

Re: Changes to VAT Settings



Sound like that the incedents could be cause by the security patches. You can always read up on the "changes" made by the patches, and this try to compare them with your issues.

Maybe it would be a good idea to hire a dedicated magento developer to help you out with a total walk through of your shop/setup and have corrections made along the way.




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Kent Christiansen / @KentChrDK / Magento Certified Solution Specialist / Visit my site (DK)

Re: Changes to VAT Settings

Thank you for your help.


Some of the problems we're having existed before the updates and most of the recent ones appear to be connected to the updates. 


Thank you again for the help.


Kind regards