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Changing Default Magento Directory

Changing Default Magento Directory



A client of ours recently migrated to our server, and because we run on a Cpanel server and his old hosting was on a specific VPS it seems we are getting permission errors, and from my research it seems to be because of the default Directory settings are still pointing in the format of the old server.


Cpanel uses /home/username/ as the root directory, whereas it seems his previous hosting had it in /var/www/html. Is there any way to change this?


We are getting permission errors as from logs Magento is trying to write to Magento is trying to write to "/var/www/" - this file path does not exist. But the directory should be "/home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/....."


Hope someone can help! thanks


Re: Changing Default Magento Directory

Hi @AdamMTH,


Normally Magento doesn't store the full path. Maybe you have some custom module with the full path or some custom configuration with that info.