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Community Pole is not working well when using SSL for frontend

Community Pole is not working well when using SSL for frontend

I set up Pound in front of Apache for listening on port 443. I disabled SSL in Apache (not ssl module, just directives) . Everything works great. By default Community Pole is working fine, for Unsecure Base URL set to http and https. You vote you see the results.


There is still an issue with Community Pole in the next configuration:


1) Magento administrator wants to keep HTTP protocol for the whole frontend (Unsecure Base URL remains http://), but using SSL for secure areas like authentications. Magento allows this in System -> Configuration -> General -> Web -> Secure. There is an option there called "Use Secure URLs in Frontend". When you Enable it you will get SSL support for checkout or when you access your account. All the other links remain without SSL support, unsecure.


2) Clear your cookie and visit again the website. You may note all links are unsecure as we wanted. Go to a category which has Community Pole on the right side and Vote.


  • Once you voted side block in showing the results
  • Look at the URL, it just got https:// in front of it

Correct behavior: once you voted you should keep using http protocol not https.  Voting in Community Pole shouldn't be considered "a secure action".