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Configurable Product problem in product page

Configurable Product problem in product page

Hi, I created Configurable Product based on size and gender it was perfectly work, to explain more i have shoes as my product with size 39,42,43,44 with male and female but i have only 39 for female the it mean i have the shoes with size 39 just for female, the rest is belong to male 42,43,44 when i clicked on female i have a opportunity to choose 42,43,44 but actually i don't have this size for female, and when i want to checkout this message with come
 Critical! Please specify the product's option(s).
my point is when somebody choose female directly the size of 42,43,44 will be unclickable, after that the customer know that we don't have this product size for female.

thanks a lot





Re: Configurable Product problem in product page

In older versions of Magento (up to 1.9.1 - before swatches were introduced) in case any variation if configurable product was not available, the value was not shown in drop-down.

Starting from Magento 1.9.1 when image swatches were included, in drop-downs od configurable started showing all the variations. Those which are our of stock or missing are greyed out and not available for selection. This is how new Magento 1.9 versions work by default.

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