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Configurable Swatches Fatal Error

Configurable Swatches Fatal Error

I upgraded my magento installation from 1.9 to so I can get the configurable swatches option, which is supported by my there but when I go to system > config > configurable swatches I get the following error:


Fatal error: Call to a member function toOptionArray() on a non-object in /home/***/app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/Block/System/Config/Form.php on line 463


I have tried to clear cache/disabled the compilation, re-installed the mage_adminhtml but still nothing. Really need to fix this soon so any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Configurable Swatches Fatal Error

Ok so I have found, via having this same error issue, that the select.php file located within
wasn't .php but rather .ph
Changed and fixed this error.
Searched and found 45-50 other files ending in .ph instead of .php. Searched for cause and the only other thing I found was from 2007 and for Zen-cart.  The only relation to that person and I is that our servers both use Webshell.  Though neither of us use it to upload or decompress files. I actually have wiped all Magento files including DB and re-uploaded both by ftp and also decompressing via php on server - more than once. Each time I had this error. 
Haven't figured out WHY it does BUT search your server files to see if any are .ph and rename.php.