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Configurable product image problem

Configurable product image problem

Hopefully someone here can help me out please...


I've added a configurable product with 3 individual colour attributes. Everything is working fine, apart from one colour combination.


If you visit and try selecting any combination, it all works as it should, apart from if you select Black Frame with Soft Pink Canopy, and then try choosing any Seat colour - the product image fails to update as it does with all the others. I've uploaded these in the same way throughout so I have no idea why this is happening!


There are 64 images uploaded in total and it's just these four which aren't working. 


One thing I've noticed (perhaps unrelated) is that the colour name needs to be unique for each attribute, which is why I've added 'Canopy' and 'Frame' to the colour names. Can anyone elaborate on this further?

I have cleared all caches and indexes.


Also, if you click on the seat covers FIRST (or choose Black Frame then a seat cover), then the four images work, but are then lost if you click on any other swatch combination. Could it be a bug?


Any assistance most appreciated - thank you!


Re: Configurable product image problem

Anyone please, especially Magento team? Thanks

Re: Configurable product image problem

I have this same issue. Did you mange to find a solution?