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Configurable product, pricing issue

Configurable product, pricing issue

Hey everyone,


I'm not exactly sure if this is the right section to post this in, but I'll give it a go.


Anyhow, I'm using Magento 1.9 and trying to create a configurable product, which on its own gives me no problem. The product comes in different colours and dimensions. The thing is, the colour and the dimensions don't have a "set-in-stone" price increase. With some dimensions of the product, choosing beige colour over white colour will increase the price by 15.00 USD and with other dimensions, it will increase it by 17.00 USD, etc.


Which is where I get stuck, as Magento will only allow me to assign one price value per attribute option. Meaning, beige colour will cost 15 USD extra no matter what I do, even though in some cases, I need it to increase the original price by 17 USD and in others by 13 USD etc.


Is there any way around this? I hope my question is clear enough and if not, I'll happily give further explanation.


Thank you for all the help in advance!


Re: Configurable product, pricing issue

It is true that Magento 1.x allows you to add price increase - percent or value on the basis of super attribute options. The price of associated simple products is being ignored.


In case dimension is another attribute to can also add markup to this super attribute. Price markups can be fixed value and percentage.


Like here -

magento super attributes.png

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Re: Configurable product, pricing issue



Thank you for the reply. However, I am aware of what you're saying and your picture precisely describes my problem. As you can see in your picture; once you've set a price increase for a certain colour, the price will always increase by 13 units or 13 percent for that particular colour. 


To demonstrate my problem better, I'll write down an example:


Let's say we have the same product with two different dimensions and two different colours. We'll call them product A and B, and colour A and B.


So, for example (these are made up):


A) Product A, Colour A costs 10 USD

B) Product A, Colour B costs 15 USD (50% price increase for colour B)


C) Product B, Colour A costs 20 USD

D) Product B, Colour B costs 27 USD (35% price increase for colour B)


As you can see, the price increase in example B was 5 USD due to choosing a different colour.

However, in example D, the price increase was 7 USD due to choosing a different colour.


The increase in price unfortunately isn't based on a certain percentage either. Sometimes it's 25%, other times it's 30% and in some cases even less than 25%. I have no idea why the supplier decided to go with these random prices (or so it seems), but I am wondering if it's possible to somehow create these dependencies in Magento? So, with Dimension A, the price increase for choosing colour B is 25%, while with Dimension B, the price increase for choosing colour B is 30%?


My last resort is to just pick the highest price increase percentage for the given colour, but seeing as these products cost up to 200 USD, a 5% difference in price can be quite substantial. Or creating 4 products with different colours and just leaving dimension as the only attribute.


Again, thank you for any help in advance Smiley Happy



Re: Configurable product, pricing issue


not sure if this will be of any help to you but we had this issue with our dog wetsuit coats.  They are priced according to backlength (easy enough) but if they want one custom made in hi-vis orange it costs £2 more whatever size they have chosen.


We got around the problem by adding the colour option as an option (dropdown box)  and putting the additional price in there. +£2 which shows the price difference to customer as well.