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Configurable products issue

Configurable products issue

i have a configurable product set as enabled and available in stock, associated products are all enable and have a quantity of 10 each, then they are available too, i double checked products (main configurable and simple products associated) and they are all set in the right way (same attributes set, same categories, visibility, main site, and so on...) but still the configurable product is not showing on frontend. Also, if you browse the frontend shop using the product url, the configurable product is set (on frontend) as unavailable (in backend is set as available).. the weirdest thing is that if i edit settings (and clear cache and re-index and everything) so that also unavalaible products are visible in frontend, this product is still not visible... so.. i can't figure out a fixing...


thank you for supporting


(using magento C.E. 1.2.4 with ULTIMO theme)



Re: Configurable products issue

Has anyone responded. This issue is causing my ecommerce store major problems.