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Connect Manager broken: $this->getFormKey() fails silently in downloader/template/login.phtml?

Connect Manager broken: $this->getFormKey() fails silently in downloader/template/login.phtml?

I'm having an issue in $APPHOME/downloader/template/login.phtml where <?php echo $this->getFormKey() ?> is failing silently, and the rest of the page is refusing to render. Of course this is making it impossible to log in to the Magento Connect Manager, which is where I need to be adding an extension or two today.


Here's a screenshot of what I see when i try to go into MCM:

Broken Magento Connect Manager Admin Login Page


Of course, this isn't too helpful without knowing where the source is broken:

Broken MCM Admin Login Page source


As is indicated in the source view, the value tag in first (hidden) input method attempts to parse $this->getFormKey(), evidently, and fails, halting rendering of the rest of the page.


I'll admit that I'm still a bit mystified where it comes to the magic getters/setters in Magento. I've worked on tracing down where this code may lay, and the closest I've gotten so far is $APPHOME/downloader/Maged/Model/Session.php at line 106, in the authenticate() method.


If anybody has any ideas why this may be happening, how to fix it, or where I might go for more information (other than just the general magic getters/setters page, which I'm still re-reading over and over), I would be very appreciative. Any pointers are helpful.


ADDENDUM: It turns out that this may be an issue with the addition of the SUPEE-6285 security patch.  Also, PHP has this to say about it:

[20-Aug-2015 16:17:54] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Maged_View::getFormKey() in /server/public/ on line 33

Any pointers or tips in the right direction are greatly appreciated.  TIA

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