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Coupon code not valid when I add any condition

Coupon code not valid when I add any condition


on magento


When I add a shopping cart price rules, I can apply the coupon code and it's working perfectly.


BUT when I add a condition (for example : if all or any of this conditions are true : subtotal equal or greater than 50, or if total items qty >= 5), when I apply the coupon code I have "invalid coupon code" message.


I precise :
- I do test with a cart which fullfill the rule

- the rule is active and for the good from/to dates
- customer groups : Not logged in and internet customer selected

- use per customer and use per coupon : 100

- priority 0 and i don't have any other rules (I have deleted all the rules and created a new one)


Actions :

- fixed amount discount for the whole cart : 10...


- All cache not activated and reindex all indexes

- All extentions desactivated and base default design


- Magento and server same timezone

- i have the rule in the DB (salesrule, salesrule_coupon) and not % caracters or other strange things

- Nothing in the logs and no js errors


And when I delete the condition the coupon code is working.


I saw a lot a topics with this problems (mainly bad use of the rule) but no one helped me.


Any Ideas ?






Re: Coupon code not valid when I add any condition

I have also same issue in magento 2.2..If you find any solution for that.please give me a solution.


Thank you.