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Cron issues (endless jobs)

Cron issues (endless jobs)



I have a problem with my cron jobs. Essentially, 'enterprise_refresh_index' never ends. I can kill the process, but it eventually kicks back in (could be 10 mins later or anything up to 2 hours later) and never completes again.


AOE_Scheduler does a good shop of highlighting the problem:




Please can someone help me diagnose why it's doing this?


I can kill the process, then manually run a reindexall from the command line and everything in the front-end seems fine - prices/descriptions etc are up to date from what I can tell.


I have looked in various logs, but nothing seems obviously wrong.


My cron is:


# AOE Scheduler (enable both modes for normal operations)
* * * * * ! test -e /ssddata/www/ && ! test -f /ssddata/www/ && /bin/bash /ssddata/www/ --mode always
* * * * * ! test -e /ssddata/www/ && ! test -f /ssddata/www/ && /bin/bash /ssddata/www/ --mode default



Any help appreciated!




Re: Cron issues (endless jobs)

Did you find a solution?  We're having the same issue.