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Cron not working after upgrade to

Cron not working after upgrade to

I upgraded to today using connect manager. Everything seems to be ok, except Cron stopped working. It doesn't error, or anything. I can't run it from the command line nor web browser with the cron settings disabled in .htaccess. Any ideas?


Re: Cron not working after upgrade to

I figured it out... an old extension was breaking it. 

Re: Cron not working after upgrade to

The first rule, don't ever update Magento through connect manager, even worse on the production environment.

The reason why it's not working can probably be found in your error logs.

So, check following logs:

  • var/log/exception.log
  • var/log/system.log
  • apache/nginx error log
  • php-fpm error log (if you're using php-fpm)

It must be in some of those. Let me know about your findings.

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