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Cronjob makes website crash after upgrading


Cronjob makes website crash after upgrading

Hello again,

I recently upgraded from Magento to There is now a serious issue with the cronjob. The cron seems to load indefinitely until the whole website gets unreachable ..


Here is the error I get in the system.log:


2017-11-08T16:40:19+00:00 ERR (3): Warning: shell_exec(): Unable to execute '/bin/sh '/html/development/my-site/' 'cron.php' -malways 1 \> /dev/null 2\>\&1 \&'  in /html/development/my-site/cron.php on line 68

I temporarily disabled the cron with this line in the cron.php file:


$isShellDisabled = true;

The cronjob did work in the previous version. I don't unterstand what is causing this .. any idea ?




Re: Cronjob makes website crash after upgrading

Hi @mardz,


Can you check if PHP safe_mode is Off & shell_exec() is not included in disable_functions in php.ini?
Then, you could check if cron.php has permissions to be executable and the cron command is properly written.

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