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Custom Option fell apart

Custom Option fell apart

Lately more and more problems surface on the site I manage. 


For a few weeks the backend of the site is very slow, loading times up to 5 minutes per page. I already started a thread about this issue and working on getting it resolved. 


Now the following feature fell apart over night.....


We use a module for Custom Option Descriptions by Aijko

Last night I got a text that product pages don't load the way they should. When I got in this morning I started checking the problem. On every product the custom option tab now appears to be empty. On the frontend it still shows the custom option titles and some other information but not the full description we use to have wich is kind of vital for the product. 


Any suggestions on what to do?


Re: Custom Option fell apart

@rick_tapper you can try by disable the module which you are talking about and check if the issue is with that module.


For diabling the module, go to app/etc/modules/.. here you find the xml file with the name of that module.


Open it and replace true with false and clear the cache.