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Customer Groups with different shipping prices.

Customer Groups with different shipping prices.

Magento ver.


Hello Team,

I'm hoping you can assist.
  • I have a requirement to offer 3 products on our wholesale portal.
  • Each group of customers has their product costs.
  • However within each group each customer has different shipping prices.
Example of Requirement.
 Product_AProduct_BProduct_C Shipping Total
Group 1     
Customer_1$10$15$20 $10
Customer_2$10$15$20 $23
Customer_3$10$15$20 $42
Group 2     
Customer_1$13$17$23 $10
Customer_2$13$17$23 $23
Customer_3$13$17$23 $42
Groups 3      
Customer_1$16$19$25 $10
Customer_2$16$19$25 $23
Customer_3$16$19$25 $42
What the best way to get this done?
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Re: Customer Groups with different shipping prices.

Hi @sticks04,

Since this has been posted several days ago, I would like to know if you were able to find the solution.



Please let us know.
Best regards.


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Re: Customer Groups with different shipping prices.

Hi @sticks04


Let me know one thing do you have only 3 customer type in each customer group. If yes then by this way you can achieve your requirement. Please follow the steps:

  • Create custom customer drop down attribute with 3 customer type.
  • Create new shipping method.
  • Calculate shipping price depending on customer type in this shipping method.

 Let me know if it helps.

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