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Customer logged out on categories

Customer logged out on categories

Have an odd issue. We noticed when working with out special pricing groups, that customers are being "logged out" when the navigate. For instance, they log in on the home page, are brought to their account page. When they go to use the drop down menus to get to a category, the top of the page shows they are logged out, and the special pricing is not shown. However, if they change the sorting, or navigate to a sub category using the left hand navigation, they remain logged in, and the special pricing shows up.


Was able to replicate this across multiple browsers, and on the mobile site. We are currently on


Any ideas? We did have sessions/cookie expiration issues previously, but those have been resolved (however, this seems like its a cookie/session issue).


Re: Customer logged out on categories

It's sound like cache issue. Maybe you cache product blocks without customer group in key or use FPC, Varnish which setup incorrectly.