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Discount coupon doesn't work

Discount coupon doesn't work



I have a problem with the coupon, I set 10% of the product price, I marked all customer groups and specific coupon. After I typed it into the coupon box, there is deduction from total cost of the goods, but the overall price is not discounted. What am I doing wrong? Where is the mistake? Maybe in taxes? 


Please advise, it's Magento



Code - BARSUSB01




Re: Discount coupon doesn't work

@Barled not sure about exact issue at moment but seems that only products total show no other calculation work.. (Tax, coupon discount). Have you installed any extension Or did customization ? contact to developer for quick solution.



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Re: Discount coupon doesn't work

Just installed new layout and few modules but none of them is connected with coupons.

Re: Discount coupon doesn't work (it did for a week)

Hello, We also have discount code issue, we set in correct place to take 50% off goods for all clients. Were on Community Magento.

Then for one week it worked then stopped working, our in house IT man then looked at setting that allows each person to get this dscount more than once.  He set it at 20 x per person..That still doesnt work.. we did a special.. sign up for newsletter to receive this code so need to fix it today.. if you have any other fixes we can implement we'd so apprecaite it. Thank you..