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Double Opt-In for Newsletter doesn't work (v1.9.2.1)

Double Opt-In for Newsletter doesn't work (v1.9.2.1)

Hi there,


We have trouble with the double-opt-in for the newsletter registration in Magento.

(System->Configuration->Customers->Newsletter->Subscription Options)

Need to Confirm: is set to "Yes"

Yet there is no confirmation-email sent to the customer. Instead he recieves instantly the email that his subscription was successfull.

In germany the "double-opt-in" is necessary by law, so we'll be happy if anyone can help out.


(for clarification: I talk about the subscription in the registration process, not about subscribing when you're already registrated.)


We use Magento ver. 


Feel free to ask for more information, I try to hand it to you, but for now I don't know which information is important for you.


Thank you very much!


Have a great weekend.