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Double items posted in DB - Double Shipping Being Charged

Double items posted in DB - Double Shipping Being Charged

Hey guys,

We seem to be having a weird issue with our Magento 1.9 install, and it is only happening on some items. This is a multi store setup running three different stores on the same DB of products. We use T-Hub to automatically pull orders from Magento and push it into QuickBooks.


When placing orders for some configurable products, Magento seems to not be tying the simple product to the configurable product. So this order will be charged double for shipping, and when the item is pulled into QB, it shows two different line items for the same item with one of these lines being zeroed out on cost.


Below is an image from the sales_flat_order_item table DB table showing two different orders. Order_id 6076 shows an order with the configurable item and simple item with no item listed on the simple product under the parent_item_id. Order_id 6072 shows the configurable item and the simple item with the simple item showing the parent/configurable items item_id.


Duplicate Items.jpg


Any idea what would be causing this, and how I could go about fixing this?