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Dowloader Folder


Dowloader Folder



My Magento Connect Manager does not work.

I have searched a lot and finally I found out that in downloader folder I have only 3 files .cahce, app and cahce.cfh files.

I notice that when I try to connect to Connect Manager I get the page cannot find. The reason is that the index.php does not exist in downloader file. So I download the whole folder and I get too many files missing there.

Please see my image below. I would like to make sure that if I upload all these files I will not make any damage. Also I would like to know if this is the reason I cannot install an extension even manually? Thanks a lot.downloader.jpg 

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Re: Dowloader Folder

It does seem like most of the important files are missing.


Is this only happening to the downloader folder or others as well? 


If you are just uploading the downloader folder, it should not cause any issues but to be on the safe side do make sure it doesn't overwrite any files that is already there in your server. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Dowloader Folder

Thanks a lot for your help,

I did not notice other folder if files are missing. I noticed Downloader folder because my Connect Manager could not open.

I uploaded the files without overwriting files and my Connect Manager is now working properly now.