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Downloadable product links missing

Downloadable product links missing

Magento v


I'm finding that the link to lots of my downloadable product's files are missing. Not all of them. But many.


So in my Magento Admin, the file links are missing on the 'Downloadable information' tab. Yet when I go in via PhPMyAdmin to the downloadable_link file, the links are all there. And checking via FTP the files are all in the right location.


So it seems like Magento is not reading all the file links properly from the database table (??).


Unfortunately, this means that when the customers try to download one of the 'missing' files they have purchased, they are getting an error.


There are nearly 200 downloadable products, so if nobody can help me I will have to check each product individually, and then re-upload all the missing files (even though they are not actually missing) to re-establish the connection in Magento Admin.


Any ideas?

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