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Drop Down Menu not working or image uploading

Drop Down Menu not working or image uploading

Oh please could someone help me, my developer cannot.

He says his computer is working fine and so are mine except for this issue.

I have a windows at work and an Apple mac laptop at home. Similar but not the same problem is happening on both computers on different browsers.


On my apple on safari i can get in teh back end to the control panel , my drop down menus work but when I go through on images teh upload and import boxes are missing.

On my PC on windows on 1 browser no drop downs work at all after logging in (firefox)

On exlorer I can get all the way through to a product then there is no text on the right hand side.

Noone seems to have an answer....anyone any ideas. Its bizarre its on both my computers. The site works fine on others



Re: Drop Down Menu not working or image uploading

The answer turns out to be related to the Magento JS and CSS Minification process.


Prior to the migration, enable them and disable them if you are noticing a few problems with the process. It will go back to working order on the live site, however it will completely modify the theme's javascript and css files.


Replacing all the RWD theme CSS and Javascript files along with the child theme's CSS and Javascript files may resolve the problem.


Check the var/import folder for the file which you have uploaded is there or not, if it is not there change the folder permission 777 and re upload the files. Changing on the permission of the var/import folder may help.

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Re: Drop Down Menu not working or image uploading

Thankyou for your help. I will send on to my web person as he said he could not help me.


I actually had to go to someone a few days later as could not work on my webiste. He said it was an incompatability issue with Safari 10.....                            and he put Firefox on my laptop an dit worked. I also took off firefox and reloaded on my PC even though the person helping me said ...that's witchcraft ;0) did work.

But every bit helps, atleast I know what to suggest next time although unsure why my hosting compan/y web people can't work these things out.


Thankyou again, so kind


Re: Drop Down Menu not working or image uploading

There's another thing to consider -- image uploaders for previous Magento versions required Flash to be installed. However majority on modern browsers have Flash either diabled by default or missing altogether.


Right now you have three options: either install Flash or at least make sure that it's activated, install No Flash extension ( or upgrade to Magento CE 1.9.3.x / EE 1.14.3.x

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