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Duplicate Items In Store

Duplicate Items In Store

Hi all


New here so forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong section.


My issue is that I cannot seem to stop duplicate products appearing in my magento store - I import via Magmi but that shouldn't make any difference. I have got SKU and Name set as unique values but still I have several of the same item in the store (please see the image below)



Even though I am using Magmi to import products, the store should not be allowing duplicate SKUs should it? Anyone know why this would be happening, please. Can going round in circles and not getting any near to solving this.  


Thank you


Re: Duplicate Items In Store

Hi @carlgale,


You said that this is happening using Magmi.

Did you tried using the Magento Dataflow or creating products manually? Which is the result in those cases?

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