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Duplication of orders in admin orders page results

Duplication of orders in admin orders page results



Bit of an odd one this that I'm curious if anyone else has experienced.  I am running Magento CE and have today been told that we've got an issue with orders repeating themselves across multiple pages when the results are ordered by G.T. (Base) or G.T. (Purchased).  What happens is that orders that you select on one page can - sporadically - appear on other pages.


Reproduction steps as follows:

  1. Go to Sales -> Orders
  2. Set view per page to 200 (don't think this is strictly necessary but makes it more obvious when you navigate back)
  3. Order by G.T. (Base) or G.T. (Purchased) ascending
  4. Navigate to page 2
  5. Select visible (200 orders should be selected)
  6. Navigate back to page 1 - you should be able to see some orders are checked, these orders also appeared on page 2

Anyone else able to reproduce this behaviour on their systems?  I'm wondering whether or not this is a fundamental Magento flaw, or something introduced by an extension that has extended the order grid.


Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide!